Our MLS Price List

How Do We Compare?

No Listing Commission

Our flat rate MLS listing with ALL associated real estate websites is $195.00.

6 Month Listing Period

With the ability to upgrade to 1 year*. You may cancel/withdraw your listing at any time.

Fast MLS Listing!

Property listed for sale or rent in the MLS usually the same day as it is received.

Keep Your FSBO Status

Sell or rent your home on your own and pay NO COMMISSION to anyone! If an agent brings you a buyer or tenant then YOU to Decide the amount of commission.

Forwarding of Leads

We pass on ALL leads received by us directly to you for contacting. We do not work directly with buyers or renters, so there is no conflict of interest.

Marketing Materials

We offer real MLS Approved Lockboxes, Professional Agency Signs, Open House Announcements, Virtual Tours and More!

Forms Library

We offer hard to find sales and rental contracts, state and federal forms - FREE!

We Work Weekends!

We are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are here to help you when you need it.

Free Customer Support

We offer great, free customer support via email with broker availability by phone.

Select Premium Properties, Inc is pleased to present our flat fee MLS listing price list. You are able to choose only the options you want without paying for the ones you don't. Click on the Blue Links Below for Photos and Descriptions.

Our Flat Rate MLS Price List

Listing and Marketing Materials: Listing Fee
  Listing Your Home in the MLS $195.00
  (Optional) MLS Lockbox  
  (Optional) Full Color For Sale Sign  
  (Optional) Blue and White For Sale Sign  
  (Optional) Full Color Sign With Call Rider  
  (Optional) Blue and White For Rent Sign  
  (Optional) Additional Photos -40  
  (Optional) Open House Announcement  
  (Optional) 1 Year HMS Home Warranty  
  (Optional) List in the MLS for 1 Whole Year!  
  When Making Changes To Your Listing:   Misc. Fees
  Listing Change fee (price, wording, misc.)
  Changes within the first 24 hours of listing are free!
  Listing Extension - Another 6 month listing period. Please note: Any options selected (photos, lockbox, signs, etc) carry over to this new listing period. $95.00
  Processing Fee - Applies only when the home goes to settlement. No cash payment is due for this fee - it should be taken out at settlement by your settlement company. Fee does not apply to land/lot listings or rental listings. See Our "Questions" page for More Information. $175.00

General MLS Listing Fee: $195.00

*Shipping and Handling fees may apply. HMS Warranty - Sales tax may apply depending on your local jurisdiction.